• Sumake Mini Type Electric Screwdriver (0.4-3.0 Kgf-Cm)

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Both of the Screwdrivers listed below are brand new however these are now obsolete in the current Sumake Range of Electric Screwdrivers:

Mini Type Electric Screwdriver (M): This Electric Screwdriver from Sumake is a miniature type designed for tightening small sized screws and fasteners used in the high tech 3C assembly lines with high quality in mind. This Electric Screwdriver uses a high precision Swiss aviation grade driving motor and delivers high performance. It is fabricated with unique winding technology and has a swift response, compact structure, high stability and an extremely long life span. It produces low electromagnetic interface, noise and inertia. The carbon brushes in this Electric Screwdriver can sustain more than 20,000 hours under favorable conditions and it comes supplied with the controller/PSU. The dimensions are only 159mm long with a weight of 187g.

Model NumberTorque Range (Kgf-Cm)Speed (Rpm)Power SourceMachine Screw (mm)

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Sumake Mini Type Electric Screwdriver (0.4-3.0 Kgf-Cm)

Sumake Mini Type Electric Screwdriver (S2500M - 0.4-3.0 Kgf-Cm)

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