• Nejicco 705A Screw Feeding Machine

Nejicco 705A Screw Feeding Machine:

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The Nejicco screw feeder is compact in size, allowing for an operator to operate more than one unit at a time. Convenient to use, and it's wide adaptability means improved productivity for your operators. There is no need to align the screws, simply put the screws into the hopper and the machine will sort and present the screws ready for the operator. A large range of screws can be run through these units - for us to check please send to us at least 100 screws for trials to confirm. The machine sorts screws ready and cuts off when a satisfactory amount have been presented - only starting again when more are required. This unit will cater for many size of screws and has an adjustable screw rail so that only one machine is needed to feed a range of screws.

Technical Data
Maximum Screw Diameter 5.0mm
Maximum Screw Length 18mm
Minimum Screw Diameter 1.4mm
Power Supply/Voltage 12v Powered by 220V or 110V Transformer
Screw Tray Size 100 x 42 x 28mm
Warranty 12 Months
Weight 1.2Kgs

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Nejicco 705A Screw Feeding Machine

Nejicco SAS 705A Automatic Screw Feeder

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